10 of the Best Silhouette Photos You’ll See

If you didn't know, Creative Weddings stemmed from a facebook group where we do monthly challenges, and focus on photography education. Every month there's a theme and users use the theme hashtag to post their photos. Who ever gets the most likes wins the months challenge and gets to pick the next months theme. It's a really fun way to get the photographers in the group to participate and to see the creativity come through. Januarys challenge was all about silhouettes, and these are my 10 favorites.


A Silhouette Lit by a street lamp - Photo by Will Khoury


A beautiful golden hour silhouette on the cliffs - Photo by Stephanie Zakas


A Moody Doorway Shot - Photo by Ine Papatzacos


A Night Time Industrial Silhouette - Photo by Mike Zawadazki 


The Veil That Created This Magical Silhouette - Photo by Marissa Seibert


A Magical Celebration in Smoke - Photo by Joab Smith


A Beautiful Golden Hour in the Dunes - Photo by Robyn Fink


A Rocky Double Exposure Silhouette - Photo by Autumn Marshall


An Other Worldly Shot - Photo by Ashley Smith


A Beach Silhouette Straight Out of a Movie - Photo by Aaron May


This is a stunning collection, well done all!