A Surprise Proposal With Balloons and Tears

This adorable proposal will warm your heart and also make you want to do something special when you propose. I just hope Martine was finally able to get the puppy she wanted. Read through what the photographer, Courtney Lynn, had to say about the entire shoot.
"Kris reached out to me and asked if I’d be down to shoot a proposal and act as if it’s just a regular shoot. Of course I was down! We kept in contact and made plans. At the shoot Martine thought she was getting a puppy so Kris let her believe it. We started the shoot and did a bit of a circle so all of their friends could get in place without her seeing. Martine kept asking her if she was getting the puppy during the shoot or AFTER.
Kris went along with it the whole time and said ‘it’ll be here so put this blind fold on’ and Martine asked, "why do I need to put this on for a dog? I know what it’ll look like."
This made me laugh and I said "just for the heck of it let’s do it!"
Which was hilarious because she had quite a walk to the location blindfolded.
We kept passing people in the park so I’d put my finger over my mouth to signal them not to whisper anything because they had probably seen the balloons.
We finally got her in position, Kris is getting the ring out and the tears are coming. I told Martine to take her blindfold off and she lost it.
We asked her afterwards if it were better than a puppy and she said yes but they were still getting a puppy."