An Intimate Couples Session

If you follow us on instagram you know I shared one of the photos from this session. I messaged Natasha Thurston (the photographer) and asked if I could see everything to possibly feature it. I love how natural and in love these two are. I also really love how intimate the session is. There aren't a lot of boudoir couples sessions out there so I'm so happy Natasha shared this one with us!

From The Photographer

This shoot was a creative decision between me and the client. I had always wanted to do a boudoir session and when she suggested it I was excited for the opportunity. I find boudoir to be a very creative shoot as it is more intimate then a regular couples shoot, you’re working more with their bodies and showcasing them in a tasteful and beautiful way which I think we accomplished!
 We booked a studio for an hour, put on some music and I got the couple to spend that time cuddling, dancing and laughing together. They were so effortless and natural I barely had to pose them, they became so wrapped up in each other, sometimes I just stood back and photographed.
To prepare we took inspiration from curvy models and instagramers that my client followed and looked up to. We wanted to showcase her beauty and their love in a tasteful and romantic way. I reached out to one of the instagramers she suggested and asked for some advice and tips to ensure my clients felt comfortable.
Before we started I made sure to make light and easy conversation with the couple, allowed them to take their time getting ready and deciding what to wear. I started off the poses more simple and easy to help get them use to the camera and the feeling of being photographed. I made sure to have upbeat music on and just asked the clients to focus on each other, talk, make the other laugh. I would ask how they felt about certain poses and if they were up for it before just jumping right into it. I never wanted them to feel uncomfortable or awkward and as I was taking the photos I would tell them how great they look, and how awesome the shot was and other forms of encouragement.
My advice to others who wish to do a similar style is to plan the shoot with the client, bounce ideas and photo inspirations off of each other so you both go in knowing what to expect. Music is also key, it helps with the mood and can ease any awkwardness there might be, plus getting them to dance always makes for great photos! Just continue to ensure your client is comfortable, ask them, suggest poses before forcing them into it and allow your clients to just enjoy the moment, if they can forget about the camera it’ll be a lot easier!