Desert Wedding Inspiration

I love the desert. I love photography sessions that happen in the desert, and I especially love seeing beautiful styled sessions in the desert. Check out all of these wonderful photos by Paulina Perrucci that even feature a beautiful camel.


Event Planner: The shootout Society | Location: Nowhere, CA | Dress Designer: BHLDN | Invitation Designer: Minted | Florals: Cultivated by Faith | Photographer: Paulina Perrucci


I’ve always dreamt of shooting a wedding in the Middle East, with beautiful tapestries, golden sunsets, and with an exotic camel. Rather than traveling so far and spending thousands of dollars, The Shootout Society came together to produce a collaborative style shoot. Hosted at a small venue called Nowhere California, in Joshua Tree, we were able to create a bohemian themed series with beautiful table displays, unique floral arrangements, and most importantly, we were able to get access to a camel.

My lighting inspiration was what you’d imagine a desert oasis to look like, bright with a perfectly casted golden glow.

Before every shoot, I will take the time to prepare my clients by showing them photos of inspiration, giving them an idea of posing and hand placements. For this shoot, it was a little bit different. I had to explain to them to just stay focused on me, and not the animal. I had Jacob, the groom, hold onto the leash of the camel, but to not turn his head and try to direct the camels attention. It’s a wild animal and will always have a mind of its own. My clients perfectly listened to my direction and we were able to produce beautiful images even if the camel wanted to move away from them at times.

I wouldn’t say I had used any sort of unique lighting technique. The only thing that would have been out of the ordinary would be that I used the camels body to block as much light on my couple, while using the sun to backlight everything.

My advice to other photographer who want to produce images such as these, is to not be afraid to ask. Just by reaching out to other vendors can be intimidating when you fear the worst, but you can’t live life in fear. Stay positive and just put yourself out there. One of these days, a vendor you love will say yes, and you will have the opportunity to fulfill a dream!

This was the last series I was able to produce before the quarantine lockdown in California. The illusion of being in the Middle East fulfills my travel needs right now. I’m beyond grateful that I was able to work along side amazing creatives to produce something unique and special before the entire world was put on hold. I hope these images inspire other creatives to attempt to produce their dreams, whether it be in an exotic land far away, or something simple in their backyards. Just because this lockdown has everything at a standstill doesn’t mean you can’t still create.