Elegant Downtown Portland Wedding

When Angelina Lusetti sent this wedding in my jaw dropped. This is one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen and the love that Angelina captured is out of this world. I do believe that I could look through these photos all day, every day, and never be tired of seeing it. Huge thank you to Angelina for taking such gorgeous wedding photos, and to Samira and Mohammad for letting us feature you!


Photography: Angelina Lusetti | Venue: The Nines | Florist: Sammy's Flowers | Performers: Famous Stage Entertainment

From Samira & Mohammad 

How would you describe your wedding?

It was beautiful, simple, and intimate, as we shared the day with our close family and friends. It incorporated our faith, traditions, and the heart of Portland. Just perfect.


What aspects of your wedding were more important to you while planning?

The atmosphere of our venue, our food tasting, and the attention to detail. Looking through our wedding pictures we appreciate how all those important details came together.


Did you forego any of the traditional aspects of a wedding?

Our wedding followed traditional Muslim customs, which differ from a typical wedding. Instead of walking down the aisle and exchanging vows, we met in front of the imam and signed a “nikkah” contract that described our rights and commitment to one another in front of our family and friends.


How did you find your vendors?

We knew we wanted to have our wedding at The Nines and we wanted our flowers to come from the heart of downtown Portland, too. We also wanted to have a traditional Middle-Eastern performance, a “zaffa,” but there were no local groups around the area so we flew in a group based in California. It took a lot of online research and contacting potential vendors, as we did not have a wedding planner.


What creative touches did you use throughout your wedding?

We had custom wedding favors that were inspired by our faith, flowers from our centerpieces that adorned our cake, and personalized details like our engraved “Loving you is a piece of cake” cake cutter.


What was your favorite part of the day?

Our entire wedding day is our favorite part, but two parts stand out: our photo shoot in downtown Portland and on the rooftop of The Nines Hotel and the “zaffa” performance as we walked down the marble staircase to meet our guests as the new Mr and Mrs.


Wow, completely in love with these photos! Amazing use of light and I looove the reflections! Beautiful!