French Cinema Inspired Engagement Session

May 27, 2020

I will always be obsessed with the work that Marcela Pulido creates. Her work is beautiful and authentic and captures her couples in the perfect light. She takes what her couples envision for their session or wedding and brings them to life. Like this French Cinema inspired engagement session. Scroll down to see all of the beautiful images and click over to check out the bookstore they shot in: Click here.

What was your inspiration behind the shoot and the use of light?

The couple is heavily inspired by the classic, vintage aesthetic and reached out to me wanting to have a French Cinema inspired engagement session. They wanted predominantly moody colors and black and white images with a cinematic feel.

How did you prepare your clients for this type of session?

If anything they prepared me! They knew what they were looking for and even had a moodboard to help us all get the right feel and aesthetic.

What techniques did you use that were out of the norm?

I shot mostly a bit wider on the 35mm lens to capture the scene of the locations to embrace the cinematic feel that they were looking for. I wanted to capture the architecture and details of the locations that we were in, I would direct them in certain scenes as if it was a movie to get a bit of natural movement. A lot of it was unplanned and off the cusp, like the photo booth and the vintage car we found in a parking lot nearby but it worked beautifully towards our aesthetic.

Any advice to other clients or photographers who want to do this type of shoot?

Don’t be afraid to get inspiration from other places, in fact it’s better if you do! Create a moodboard to help you dial in what you’re working towards.