Grungy Creative Couples Session

I love motion blur images or intentional out of focus images. Throw in a rad location and a cool couple and you have this shoot by Local Nomad Photography. I love the way she posed the couple and how effortless and fun this shoot looks! Scroll down to read more about the session and to see the photos.
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I’ve been drawing inspiration from movement and the creative use of what would seem to be mediocre locations to others. We shot this session in a back alley of a small, Texas town that I doubt has ever been used for a couples session before.

How did you prepare your clients?

I sent them style inspiration that I had found and warned them that they would be moving— A LOT. I also let them know that I wanted to try some new techniques that I’ve never used before but would give them unique images. They were totally game for anything! My favorite part about this session was accidentally stumbling upon this old car lot behind an abandoned mechanics garage. Finding hidden gems and turning a session into an adventurous experience is always fun.

What techniques did you use that were out of the norm?

I free lensed a lot of of shots during this session using a 50mm lens (my first prime lens that’s also the least expensive piece of my equipment). I also played around a lot with slow shutter speeds— getting as low as 1/30 to achieve the blur that I was going for. To be very honest, I totally forgot my tripod at home for this session, so had to rely on using other objects to stabilize the camera body or just winged it and tried to keep my hands as still as possible.

Advice to other photographers

My advice to other photographers would be this: don’t be afraid to push the boundary of what is considered a “good” image. Take risks, and be ok with breaking rules. If we all stayed true to these set rules that the industry has about how we should be crafting our art, we’ll eventually end up with images that just look the same as everyone else’s. Be prepared to fail, and just keep shooting. If you’re trying to free-lens a shot— keep doing it until you get the result you want. I’d recommend picking up an inexpensive lens to practice on!