Industrial Artistic Wedding

HUGE THANK YOU to Mary, of We Choose The Moon,  for sending me this wedding. I love the uniqueness of the venue that the couple chose, and the all around vibe of the day. This is such a great reminder that you can do whatever you want for YOUR wedding!

From the Couple

What was the most important thing to you while planning?

That the wedding stayed true to who we are as a couple as well as individually. We made sure to start planning early so that come our wedding day we could enjoy the day. It was important that Amanda’s bridal party wear Vans and Jessica’s bridal party wear Chucks.

How did you find your vendors?

Our vendors were family or referred to us by friends!

What creative touches did you use throughout your wedding?

Hand made decorations from drift wood, dried flowers and fake flowers. Everything decoration wise was DIY, with the help of friends and family our vision came to life. Jess hand made the back drop we stood in front of and said ‘I do’ with drift wood we found while exploring The Falls of the Ohio after a rainstorm. Our families greenhouses donated live greenery that we used throughout.

Did you forego any of the traditional aspects of weddings?

There was nothing traditional about our ceremony. Jessica and her mother danced down the aisle. The date of our marriage was actually October 6th but the ceremony that includes family and friends was held on October 11th. Both times really close friends officiated and created a personal touch to their speech. Our bridal parties were mix-gender. Some wore dresses while others wore jeans and a flannel.

What was your favorite part of the day?

Jessica — My favorite part of the day was getting to see Amanda during our first look in her dress. It was a very intimate moment for us.
Amanda — My favorite part of the day was when I rounded the corner and saw Jess waiting for me at the end of the aisle. She had the biggest smile on her face and all I could think was ‘I found my person’. In that moment nothing mattered but us!

From the Photographer

How did you prepare your clients for your style of shooting and the harsh light?

This wedding was an unique situation. I had worked with Jess at a retail store for some time when I was still getting started in photography. She was there from the beginning of my journey and watched me grow through personal interactions and social media. Having worked together before, little to no preparation was needed. My work ethic doesn’t vary from job to job. I give 110% no matter what I’m doing. Also Jess dabbles in photography so she already had a pretty decent idea on how light works and the way I use it. Amanda is so easy going, she was just there along for the ride and did whatever I asked of her; no questions asked.

What techniques did you use that were out of the norm?

I didn’t put a label on either of my brides. Even though Jess was in a suit and Amanda in a dress, I didn’t think “Oh, Jess is the “man” and Amanda is the “woman” in this pose”. As I do with all my clients, I gave simple directions and let them pose themselves; do what felt natural and comfortable with them.

Do you have any advice for other photographers or vendors when it comes to weddings?

Don’t force your clients into cookie cutter poses or traditional gender roles. Letting go of those ideas opens so many creative doors for truly creative and unique photos.