Juniper James Editorial

Juniper James Bridal is a new couture dress shop that just opened up in our small town here in the mountains of NC. Their principal desire is to be an inclusive, celebratory vendor for the LGBTQ+ community and have made it their priority to be a welcoming and inspiring place and make positive changes in the wedding industry. We put this shoot together to not only show off some of the dresses, but for a way to have some creative exploration in an uncertain time. Our model is part of the LGBTQ+ community and did an amazing job of embodying masculine and feminine energy combined. I'm really proud of the work we made together!


Submitted and authored by Sarah Deshields of Enowen Photography



For: Juniper James Bridal

Jewelry: Village Jewelers Ltd

HMUA + Model: Renee Chantel

Dresses by Willowby by Watters, Katherine Tash Bridal, Alyssa Kristin

During a creative dreaming session with the owner of Juniper James Bridal, we saw the need to look fully into the dark corners for this styled shoot. At the time of dreaming Covid-19 was just beginning to invade the everyday and our heaviness was growing. Grief was encircling around me as I walked through the loss of a friend to cancer. Endings and uncertainty seemed to be stepping over the threshold of every door and it was impossible to ignore.

  We didn’t want to shy away from that heavy space. Instead, we rolled around the idea of creating imagery based around acknowledging darkness, and that we can find beauty here still. That we can be loving with what we have been given - that death and life walk hand in hand and that is what makes us human. We settled upon a scene with bones, greenery, sand, a pop of red - a collective of death and life. I wanted to play with a new technique I’d never tried before using colored gels on my lights and I loved the results. We also took a wee exploration around the shop to let the natural window light give us a soft space to contrast the stark studio scene. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to showcase a company I really believe in in Juniper James Bridal, a place that moves with compassion and depth, not to mention curating some of the most beautiful couture wedding gowns and accessories I’ve ever seen. It was, as always, an honor to be trusted to explore something creative and life giving in a time of such uncertainty.