Lake Tahoe Snowy Session

I want to live in this very spot where Autumn Marshall photographed this beautiful couple. Between the snow and the beautiful light, this was the perfect combination. Hopefully, these photos warm you up in the cold this February.


Haley from RAH Hair studios

From the Photographer

My inspiration for this shoot was actually inspired by old historic photos of Emerald Bay State Park and the Lake Tahoe area. I'm a member of a historical group online where people share their old photos of the area. I really wanted to capture that vintage feel of Lake Tahoe. The light was crazy this day. When we got to our first location It was sunny but still snowing. Our second location was blue skies and super bright direct light, this is when I started using my prisms to shoot with. I personally love harsh lighting, It's fun to play and experiment with. The last location we shot at was our third mountain top of the evening and the sunset didn't disappoint.
I always send out a detailed email to my clients before an adventure engagement session. It tells them to bring layers because you never know how quickly the weather will changeĀ in the mountains. I also tell my couples to bring any personal items that they want to include in the shoot and water and snacks. I usually ask what their favorite beverage is and grab that for our session as well.
I used a variety of shooting techniques for this shoot. One technique I used that I don't always use is image layering. After my session with Lauren and Thomas, I went out and took some photos of the stars that night. I layered these with our images we shot earlier that evening. This is a great way to give clients star photos without keeping them out super late at night.
My number one piece of advice to photographers and clients wanting to do an adventure session is safety. Safety first always! I tell my clients to bring appropriate hiking shoes and I always lead the way to make sure the path is safe. If I want epic cliff photos I position my clients in a way that creates the illusion that they are on a cliffside or I photoshop it later in post. I never push my clients out of their comfort zone and I don't let my clients do things that make me uncomfortable.