M&D Farm, New York Couples Session

This session photographed by Nicole Nero is stunning. Her use of light and the joy she captured on Precious and Paola's faces is unmistakeable. The location at M&D Farms  is also lovely and it really added to the session. Scroll down to read more about how Nicole led the session and to see the photos.


What was your inspiration behind the shoot and the use of light? 

This session was done after a holiday dinner gathering of friends and when the light was perfect and the sun setting, we snuck outside for a few photos! Extending the fun vibes from the dinner to a bit of an intimate and personal interaction during the photos was my goal for these two!

How did you prepare your clients for this type of session? 

We chatted about outfits ahead of time, the fact that neutrals, earth tones and jewel tones would compliment the location and them and not take away from the focus on them with any bold patterns or super bright colors. The focus was to truly be on them!

What techniques did you use that were out of the norm?

 I went for a mix of front light, back light, and side light for a full mix of everything and tried to encourage all sorts of posing and not sticking to either person being always behind or always in front, nor always leading or always following. Just a big mix of each of them doing all things!

Any advice to other clients or photographers who want to do this type of shoot? 

Don't pinhole anyone into a role or pose. Mix things up, have fun and encourage all involved to take the lead, then fall back and just mix up the interactions!