Moody Avala Mountain Session

I've been watching and loving everything Ana Fite creates for awhile. This session is probably my favorite of all of her work. It has mood. It has a rad AF double exposure. It has basically everything I look for in a submission for Creative Weddings. Go ahead and scroll down and let your eyes take in all of these amazing images.

Any other credits for the shoot:  dress is sankalpawhite on instagram

What was your inspiration behind the shoot and the use of light? 

Well, the light was basically non-existent, and that was my inspiration. It's like having blue hour all day long. I waited for months for the perfect gloomy weather and I knew I will find everything I'm looking for in february. The day arrived, and my very pregnant self and my couple decided to go and freeze ourselves on top of Avala mountain near Belgrade, Serbia. I thought this location will go perfectly with my (very tall) couple and the weather. The focus was on the bride, portraying her as a strong, determined woman, equal to her man, as majestic as the monument behind her.

How did you prepare your clients for this type of session? 

Their partnership is full of love and adoration, and it shows. I directed them to look at each other as much as possible until they forgot I was there. Through that looks, I wanted them to see themselves how the other person sees them. Even when the other person is out of the frame, I still directed them to have some sort of contact. And the cold made them cuddle and kiss almost all the time.


What techniques did you use that were out of the norm? 

It's hard for me to answer this question because I don't consider anything to be the norm, I can't define it. Let's just say I used symmetry, off-symmetry, perspective and framing to counterbalance and equalize the couple and their love to the massiveness of the monument behind them. Oh, and I always try to turn mistakes into happy accidents, or double exposures. It makes me happy to save a photo that seemed unusable.


Any advice to other clients or photographers who want to do this type of shoot? 

Photographers, if you are ever in a situation where there's no light, keep that ISO down and draaaag that shutter! Clients, don't be afraid to be a part of your photographer's experiment, you will end up with uniqe and beautiful photos.

Anything else you'd like to add? 

Create, evolve and repeat.


These are so magical! Bravo, Ana! Your art is inspired. I love it so much! Thank you for sharing!