Rooftop Disco Styled Session

I love when someone does something different for a shoot. The use of the disco ball and the harsh light has me swooning. Not to mention the styling is out of this world. April Rew, of the Local Nomad Photo, really went above and beyond to make her vision a reality.


Models: Anna Claire Beasley & Daniel Blake | Florals: The Floral Eclectic | Gown: Reclamation

From the Photographer

What Was Your Inspiration Behind the Shoot?

I’ve recently become obsessed with using harsh light to create dramatic portraits, and really wanted to use severe light to play off of the gown’s sequins and the disco ball. We played around with shadows and light-cast a lot to create these unique images and love the final, funky product.

How did you prepare your clients?

Anna Claire is also an established and talented photographer, so there wasn’t much prep involved outside of the styling.

What Techniques Did You Use?

We used the disco ball to create interesting shadows and light casts.

Do You Have Any Advice For Anyone Else Who Wants To Do This Type Of Session?

Don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from editorials and fashion photography! A lot of the looks we used for this shoot weren’t anything you’ll find in traditional wedding and couples photography, and we wanted it that way. Pulling creativity from other mediums of art is also an amazing way to create a one of a kind shoot- music, poetry, magazine spreads... all of hear contributed to this shoot in a huge way.

Anything Else You'd Like To Add?

Try to create something new. Shoot for yourself, team up with vendors who trust your vision and are also driven to create a different way to see the world.

These images are WAY rad. Love this post!