Stunning Elopement at the Perez Art Museum in Miami

I love when couples take the non traditional route when it comes to their wedding. I love when they decide to elope alone and just do their own thing. This elopement photographed by Tiny House Photo is just that. Nikki and Nicole went to Miami and had an intimate little ceremony that ended with pie.


Venue: PAMM | Florals: Beautiful Kreations | Officiant: Ceremonies by Cynthia | Makeup: Style Me Evli | Pie: Fireman Dereks

From the Couple

What was the most important thing to you while planning? 

We both come from big families and in the beginning, we wanted to have a wedding for our family and friends to come and be a part of our union. They would see the two of us dressed in gradations of white, and everyone would either smile and/or cry. But as we started looking at wedding venues and the cost, we realized that we did not want the big wedding. The more estimates we got, we quickly realized that we wanted to elope. Not because things were expensive but because it all just felt like too much. The most important thing to us was quiet and intimacy, just the two of us. Things started falling into place, so we knew we were headed in the right direct. Intimacy was the most important thing. Our day was beautiful 

How did you find your vendors? 

We started on the knot. I did a search for recommended photographers. I looked at the websites of these photographers, and the one I chose, he wasn’t available (no dis to him but we are glad he wasn’t available because WE LOVE LOVE LOVE our photographer, Tiny House Photo). The photographer who wasn’t available, I was able to ask if he could recommend an Officiant. He did, Ceremonies By Cynthia. We fell in love with Cynthia on the first call. WE ADORE HER. Cynthia recommended Tiny House and Tiny House recommended our make-up artist, Style Elvi and our florist, Floral Kreations. 

What creative touches did you use throughout your wedding? 

Honestly, our photographer did a DYNAMIC job of creating all the special touches on our wedding day. The way she shot our ceremony, captured those moments not often caught during weddings, how she placed all the sentimental things we brought for our wedding day, . . . she just captured so many moments that it’s hard to explain. You have to see our photo album OR check out Stephanie’s website to see what I mean. 

Did you forego any of the traditional aspects of weddings? 

The only tradition during our ceremony was a prayer. That we wanted. 

What was your favorite part of the day? 

Favorite part of the day! There were so many but if we had to choose one, we would say our ‘first look’. We stayed at the beautiful Miami EDITION. The entire lobby is white, and where we stood, there were these tall, black, standing light fixtures. When we turned to face one another, neither of us knew what to expect. One of us smiled, and the other cried. It was one of the best moments of our lives.

From The Photographer

How did you prepare your clients for your style of shooting and the harsh light?

I would say 85% of my work is Documentary so there's not too much directing or staging. I am very much a part of their day, but I try to let my couple be in the moments all day while I document it.

What techniques did you use that were out of the norm?

Typically I try to get in a Double Exposure and a Gif for every couple, but this elopement day I was just focused on their moments. I used a Prism for a few shots during their ceremony.

Do you have any advice for other photographers or vendors when it comes to weddings?

Let your couples enjoy their day. Let them be in the moment. Weddings should not be one big photo shoot.