Surprise Proposal on an Overlook

These photos make me undeniably happy. The way they look at one another, the happiness after the proposal, and the way Catlyn from Moon Child Imagery photographed this beautiful session. Scroll down and read through everything Catlyn had to say about photographing this session and give the photos a little look.

Did you use any techniques out of the norm while photographing them?

I don’t really try and follow the rules of three or typical “photography rules” I use prompts but in the way they will get emotions out of them! Examples being “tell each other what you love about the other” or “ make the sound of a dying cat into your partners neck”.

What was your inspiration behind this session?

It was a surprise engagement session so I guess to keep her in the dark she was being proposed to.

How did you prepare your clients and how was the proposal planned?

Her now fiancé (breeana) had reached out to me about doing them. I worked with Tahlia at a previous job and love her to bits. She is such a sweet soul. Me and Tahlia have planned to do pictures of them for a while but never could plan it. Bree reached out on Instagram and asked if I would do this for her and she was going to convince Tahlia that it was her ( Tahlia’s) idea for the shoot. She had Tahlia message me and “set it up” and I just so happen to have a cancellation and could fit them in. She was completely surprised at the end when she found out Bree had put the whole thing together!!

Do you have any advice for anyone that might want to plan a proposal?

Take into consideration what the couple wants. I know we all have dream proposals we want to photograph and sometimes those ideas can come across pushing when the client asks for suggestions. We have to remember this is there special moment and to actively listen to what our client wants for what will be an important time in their lives!